Client Testimonials

"I used to do the billing myself, but now that I have PMB I wonder why I didn't hire a billing service before. For sure it was hard to turn it over in the beginning, but PMB handles my accounts receivables as if it were their own. And finally I have so much more time for my patients."

–Dr. Daniel Henderson, D.C.
Livermore, CA

"Peak Medical Billing LLC is doing an excellent job handling both billing and collections. Our collections improved markedly when they took over. Our aging over 90 days outstanding has reduced by 75 percent. However best of all, we have been using them since 2005 and the quality of their performance and support has never changed. They are great!!!"

–Dr. Janet Lord, M.D.
Berkeley, CA

"Since Peak Medical Billing LLC has taken over the handling of my patient accounts, I feel peace of mind knowing the job is getting done right. They are committed professionals who take pride in their work."

–Brim A. McMillan-Gordon, D.P.M.
Walnut Creek, CA

"Peak Medical Billing LLC has done a great job of billing our DME claims for the last year. They are always there for our staff and myself".

–Al Warmerdam, R.F.T.
President, Home Health Resource
Livermore, CA.

"Peak Medical Billing has been doing my billing work for 13 years now and has done an excellent job. My reimbursments have increased over 50% within the first year. I highly recommend their service."

–Dr. Frederick Ryan Anderson, M.D.
San Ramon, CA.

"Our clients simply stay with us"

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